✨️ NEW DATE ✨️

We’re moving our Bakehouse-warming to Saturday, April 2nd.

My soon-to-be 6yr old changed her mind about her birthday plans (shocking, I know) and I haven’t gotten a whole lot of opportunities lately to be a super present mom, so even though moving a date is completely against everything in my nature, I’m taking this as a gift from the universe and conceding to a slower pace for the opening.

I’ve waited decades to have this dream realized and, as my therapist loves to point out (we can openly talk about therapy here, right?), it doesn’t do me any favors to rush through the good stuff. So I’m going to savor this time and slow it down and try to do it right.

And, if you’re free, I’d love to see you all on April 2nd. I promise it will be worth the wait. 💛🍯🐇