If you’re free this Saturday, May 7, from noon-4pm, we’d love to show you around our new home, tell you some jokes, and (most importantly) say THANK YOU for helping us achieve something we never saw coming.

Five years ago I started a new hobby with the kind of bravado only someone with an amazing hype squad network could muster. I had no idea what I was doing (in a lot of ways, I still don’t), but I knew I cared enough to try my hardest and that was good enough for you all.

Today I have a “whole ass business”, a staff I adore, the very best clients of any establishment out there, and now, a little bakehouse that I’m cramming as much color and light into as I possibly can. And it’s bc of you guys.

Come on out. Let me thank you in person. I appreciate the heck out of you. This HBB Bakehouse is as much yours as it is mine, except I have to pay for it, clean it, and get to make all of the design decisions, and only I get a key…but other than that, we’re basically equal partners.

This literally couldn’t have happened without you. 💛🍯🐇

Saturday, May 7
2004 S Neil St in Champaign (right next door to CU flower house… which is right next door to Old Time Meat and Deli)