Hi. It’s me, Mary. The face behind the cookies, cakes, and kick-ass jokes.

I figure it’s time I formally say “hello”, seeing as it’s been 4yrs and some change and I never really have yet.


This was never meant to turn into this, I swear. I was just a lady with “2 kids under 2” looking for a creative outlet, and I’m super lucky that I found something that I loved enough to want to put, over the years, thousands of hours of practice into.

My joke is that I had no idea that I was going to be good at this, so who knows what else I’m secretly good at that I’ve never tried? I have a feeling I’d be a bitchin’ polo player if ever given the chance. You’re probably super amazing at things you’ve never tried, too. The possibilities are almost limitless.

So anyway, here’s my face. If you see it out in the wild, I’m a social being, so feel free to say hi. (I love people. I often can’t stand PEOPLE, ya feel?)

And luckily, small-scale, we’re all “lower case people”.

I genuinely hope to see you soon 🖤